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Revolutionizing tea making, the RAYA Glass tea maker is not only practical, but it is a center piece for a party. With traditional design infused with modern style, the RAYA Electric Glass Tea Maker (also known as the RAYA Glass Samovar), will brew for large groups of guests, allowing them to serve themselves while the host is having a good time! It is great for daily use as well, with overheat/boil dry protection and it's large 4.5 liter/ 155 oz body ensures you have hot water, at boiling temperature within minutes. Use the smaller glass teapot to brew your favorite tea.

Product Features

  • BEST QUALITY: It has a stainless steel heating element at the base, and a glass container mounted on it. The tea maker is BPA-free.

  • LARGE CAPACITY. With a 4.5 liters (155 oz) Glass Body and 1 Liter (33 oz) Teapot., you can serve over 30 glasses of tea in one shot! The RAYA Glass Tea Maker is the largest glass samovar on the market, making it ideal for a small household or a larger gathering.

  • DIMENSIONS and SAFETY GRIP. The unit is 42cm (16 2/8 inches) without the kettle on top. With the kettle, it is 53 cm (21 6/8 inches). The handles both of the large glass kettle, and the teapot have a silicone heat protection grip.

  • EASY TO USE. It's all operated with a single button! (no heat control) Everything on this tea maker samovar is automatic. Once it has reached boiling temperature, it will automatically switch to a stay warm function. Once the temperature drops or new liquids are added, the kettle starts going into boiling mode again. The auto shut off function is for overheat protection.

155 oz Glass Electric Samovar & Modern Tea Maker

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