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Living Legends CBD Teas 25 Count Full-Spectrum • Solvent-Free • Organic • Delicious


Green Passion

This Tea along with all its natural benefits, will leave a satisfying aroma and rich delicate flavor while quenching your pallet Japanese Sencha, Siberian Ginseng, Marigold Flowers, and aromatic Passion Fruit essence.



Citrus Chamomile

Blends Chamomile Flowers with Hibiscus Petals, Orange Peel, and Citrus Essences, creating a tranquilizing herbal infusion that’s perfect for evening sipping after a long day. Excellent to end the day with. Caffeine-free.



Cranberry Hibiscus

Combines Hibiscus Petals, Whole Cranberries, Elderberries, Black Currants, and Rooibos, delivering a tart berry bouquet with an abundance of flavor. Serve hot or as a fabulous iced tea with a slice of fresh orange. Caffeine-free. This is the CEO’s favorite nightime drink after a long hard day.

CBD Teas (25 ct)

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